When I started this page I had NO IDEA whatsoever what I was getting myself into.  For years, I have accumulated tapes, tossed them into boxes, and hauled them around in several moves.  I had been asked many times, "Why do you keep all that old junk?"  Well, now, I have finally begun to sort it all out, and I have amazed even myself with some of the stuff I've come up with.  What started as a little bit of vanity by posting my own old airchecks has become by far the most popular posting on my site.  And, I am happy to say, not all the audio is my own airchecks.  There were a few others along the way, primarily KOOK.  So, I am continuing to sort and add to these pages.  Today, I wound up re-wiring the two racks of stuff in my garage-made-into-an-office in order to make the dubbing of tapes a little easier, and actually (yes, really) repaired a cart machine so I can dub some stuff I have only on carts.  When I get all the junk out of the way, I'll post a picture of what it takes to get all this audio into a form it will play from my site.  In the meantime, happy listening, and thank you for making this site what it is !!   (posted April 15, '07, and yes, I did mail my taxes on time!)


Update June 2, 07 --  Well, I've been away from the site for several weeks --  If you've been to the home page you will have seen my father passed away on April 26, and I've had a few things to do that kept me from spending much time on the site.  But, things are getting back to normal, and here is the pic I promised --  Yes, that is an 8-track at the top, and full-blown patch bay in the lower part of the right hand rack.  Audio from here goes to the computer where Sound Forge starts the process of making it all sound right, and then a final pass thru' Vegas Audio to make it all fit in a small file for the page .....


I will advise you I have begun adding airchecks under the
various station I have worked for.  So far there are airchecks on the
KBBK, KSRA and KUPS pages.
I will post an update as more get added.  You can reach that page from the HOME page, bottom left, under LATEST NEWS items or just click here.


NOTE:  In March and April some more of KBMY and KLIX were added.


NOTE:  September 2007 jingles were added to the KYET page -- same link as above. 


NOTE:  AT-40 Spots added to KBBK page September 2007. 


NOTE:   Feb 15, 2008 --  KOOK file 02B was fixed.  It apparently was mixed with 02A somehow.