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This page is devoted to sharing old air checks and audio clips that up until I started this page I had no easy way to share them.  These are an interesting glimpse back at not only radio as it was, but history as well.

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I would like to recommend a site I recently found (via another friend interested in the preservation of radio history) that actually has posted one of my airchecks.  It is in the Seattle area and can be found here. (This site does not appear to still be available.  Checking into it.)

If you are interested in other airchecks, here is a link to someone who collects airchecks.  His site is worth a visit!   http://www.otrannex.com/papertapes/


I have also begun adding airchecks under the various station I have worked for.  So far there are airchecks and audio clips  on the KBBK, KSRA, KYET and KUPS pages.  You can reach those if you click here.


A bit of history for the first item.  This production was originally produced on or around May 9, 1950.  It was produced in the studios of KBMY in Billings, Montana.  It is titled: "THE BATTLE OF THE LITTLE BIG HORN."  It is an account of the action on the Little Big Horn River, June 25-26, 1876.  It was written for Radio by Charles G. DuBois.  The original production was one hour in length and was for broadcast on the 74th anniversary of the Battle of The Little Big Horn June 25, 1950.  The version presented here is an edited version one-half hour in length that was broadcast in the years following on the same anniversary, June 25.  While I have the original and edited scripts, I only have the 30 minute audio prodution.   Presented here for your enjoyment and historical value:

CUSTER (31 Min)

Another piece of Montana history.  The original date of this piece is unknown, but from what I do know, it was sometime in the 1950's.  It is an excerpt from a speech given in Billings, Montana by Chet Huntley.  It was recorded with a music background for use on the radio.  The tape in my possesion was several generations of dubs with subsequent loss of quality and was also very brittle and falling apart.  Careful splicing allowed me to play it and capture it digitally.  Here is Chet Huntley speaking about Montana.


If you've been around my site much, you know I was an avid listener to KOMA in its glory days back in the late 50's and early 60's.  I have collected a few gems to share related to KOMA (The Kissing Tone, after much searching, was found on the web.  "Dedicated" came from a demo package I found at another station (I don't think this was ever actually used at KOMA), and the disclaimer was sent to me by Carl Mann, who worked in Billings at KOOK, and later at KOMA):

        Kissing Tone                           Dedicated           Disclaimer

For a long time, I never could find any airchecks of KOMA from the 60's.  Recently, however, I have found a few.  Most of these you would be able to find youself, but I've linked a few of them just to make it easier if you were also a KOMA fan ....

Deane Johnson, 1965

KOMA composite, 1966 (Link is broken.  I'm trying to locate this one again.)


During the late 70's and early 80's I worked for what was then KYET, located in Ontario, Oregon.  It was licensed to Payette, Idaho, just a couple miles away.  Ken Dickensen, currently working in Orlando, Florida, worked with me back then, and sent me a couple commercials from his archives from his days at KYET.  Thanks, Ken.

B & J                                                             Eli's Records & Tapes


Many of the following were recovered from less-than-ideal tapes.  Slow speeds, often 1/4 track, and not always properly stored.  Add that to the fact I've severely "crunched" them to get them on the site, I apologize in advance for the quality and occasional glitch.

And, I know I was not an exceptional entertainer.  Just the average guy with a first phone justifying his existence by also doing an air shift. cool 

If you've explored much of my site, you know I was at KASY in Auburn, WA, while attending college at the University of Puget Sound.  I was there in 1968 and 1969.  These air-checks come from sometime during that stay -- I think probably 1969.  KASY was known for  its music, and did not showcase the jock, so there is not a lot of "me" on these, but there is some.  KASY was then 250 watts, daytime, at 1220.  It no longer exists as it once was.

KASY-1  (33 Min)                 KASY-2 (33 Min)



All of the following air-checks from KBMY were made in 1972 or 1973, and are non-telescoped air checks.   KBMY, as noted on some of my other pages, no longer exists as such.  At the time I worked there, it was in Billings, Montana.  The station has been sold, moved, and changed call and format since then.   These clips are somewhat interesting from a pure historical standpoint as well since they include newcasts from that time as well.   I hope you find them somewhat enjoyable.  ( #10, #11, & #12 are from the same time period but were added to the site March 11, 2007) (#13 added April 1, '07)

KBMY #1  (30 Min)        KBMY #2 (25 min)        KBMY #3 (53 Min)            

KBMY #4  (38 Min)        KBMY #5 (30 Min)         KBMY #6 (21 Min)

KBMY #7  (40 Min)        KBMY #8  (62 Min)        KBMY #9 (31 Min)

KBMY #10 (65 Min)      KBMY #11 (56 Min)       KBMY #12 (53 Min)

KBMY #13 (30 Min)    ----                                      ----


 The next airchecks come from KLIX in Twin Falls, Idaho and were recorded January 21, 1970:

KLIX #1  (27 Min)         KLIX #2 (30 Min)

And two more from KLIX on January 22, 1970:

KLIX #3  (29 Min)         KLIX #4 (18 Min)

More from KLIX, exact date not known, but assumed to be January 1970 as well.  Some network news is 'scoped on these:

KLIX-A (29 Min)   KLIX-B (25 Min)    KLIX-C (30 Min)     KLIX-D (29 Min)

These are apparently also from January 20 and 21, 1970:

KLIX-E (64 Min)    KLIX-F (64 Min)    KLIX-G (42 Min)    KLIX-H (52 Min)

And, another goodie from the vast pile of tapes -- I found a collection of jingles that sound very much like they were from the 1950's.

KLIX Jingles                                     **


The following airchecks are from KOOK in Billings, Montana.  It was New Years Eve and New Years Day ending 1972 and bringing in 1973.  KOOK was doing a review of '72.  Taping began at 11 pm December 31, and continued to about 2pm the next day.  There is a gap from 6am to 9:30 am (I must have gone to sleep!).  Total time for all cuts is about 11 1/2 hours.   All cuts are approximately 45 minutes to one hour each.  These are, for the most part, not 'scoped.


KOOK-01A         KOOK-01B          KOOK-02A       KOOK-02B

KOOK-03A         KOOK-03B          KOOK-03C       KOOK-03D

KOOK-04A         KOOK-04B          KOOK-05A       KOOK-05B

There is some distortion near the end of 04B.  The original tapes were spliced from various types of left over tape (I had a limited budget for tape back then) and the final part of this tape for some reason didn't age as well as the rest, and I had some problems playing it.  I've cleaned it up some, but it still is not as good as some of the rest of the cuts.



As promised, here is Major Dan Miller from KOOK in Billings, Montana.  This tape comes from March 2, 1971.  Each clip is about 45 minutes. 


Dan Miller #1                  Dan Miller #2




Also from KOOK, later in the day, March 2, 1971 we have a couple of clips from Mitch King (The "Mitch King Thing")


Mitch #1                           Mitch #2